Gilchrist Education Trust Grants to Individuals

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1. Two categories of tertiary level students are eligible for consideration:-
a. those who have made proper provision to fund a degree or higher education course but find themselves facing unexpected financial difficulties which may prevent completion of it. Applicants will normally be in the last year of the course.
b. those who, as part of a degree course, are required to spend a short period studying in another country. Examples are the fieldwork necessary for a thesis or dissertation, or medical students’ elective period of study.
Applicants in either category must be full-time students at a British University.

We do not give grants for foundation degrees until they have been converted to an honours degree.

2. Those not eligible for consideration include:
a. Part-time students;
b. those seeking funds to enable them to take up a place on a course;
c. students seeking help in meeting the cost of maintaining dependents;
d. students who have, as part of a course, to spend all or most of an academic year studying in another country;
e. those wishing to go abroad under the auspices of independent travel, exploratory or educational projects.

How To Apply

Upon receipt of an enquiry from a student who appears to be eligible, the Trust sends a list of the information required before an application can be considered. Applications from individuals may be submitted at any time of the year. They must be sent by post and will not be accepted via e-mail.
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