Ruggles-Gates Fund for Biological Anthropology

  • DeadlineDeadline: 31st March each year
  • All East Midlands, EnglandAll East Midlands, England


The Royal Anthropological Institute administers a Fund, set up by the late Professor R. Ruggles-Gates and recently augmented by his widow Mrs L. Ruggles-Gates (now deceased), which provides grants for research in biological anthropology.
Preference will be given to those applications which lie within human population biology, human genetics, human ethology and palaeoanthropology.


1. There are no restrictions on age, sex, religion, ethnic origin or nationality.
3. Individuals already in possession of a doctorate are not eligible.
4. Preference will be given to those who propose to do fieldwork outside the UK.
5. Grants are not made for library research, for University fees or for subsistence in the applicant’s home institution.
6.Permission to undertake field research must be cleared with the relevant authorities and communities before an application is submitted.
7.The Fund will not normally support those returning home to undertake fieldwork.

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