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The Foundation’s object is the advancement of further and higher education in Religious Education and Theology.

Grants are awarded to individuals for research and taught postgraduate qualifications in these fields; and to eligible organisations for related initiatives and facilities.

The Foundation does not finance buildings, or provide bursaries for institutions to administer; and it is precluded from the direct support of schools (although it does support teachers who are taking eligible studies).

The “Awards” area of this website contains details about the various awards that the Foundation makes and it also explains how to make an application. Please note that applications can only be made between January and 1st May each year. Grants are made for the following academic year.

Personal awards

The Trustees earmark more than a quarter of the Foundation’s annual income – that is, about £50,000 pa – in order to be able to make grants to individuals for studies and research in Theology and Religious education.

Personal awards are made to support individuals who are studying Theology or Religious Education; or who are undertaking research – leading to a Masters’ degree or PhD – in these fields. Personal awards are not made for study in any other subject areas.

Personal Awards are usually only made for studies and research at postgraduate level, which lead to the award of a university degree or credits.Personal awards are normally only made to UK-based students studying at UK institutions. (There have been no exceptions in recent years.) With few exceptions, Personal Awards are given to support serving clergy, ministers, church workers and teachers of RE who are undertaking postgraduate studies and research linked to their role. Support for full-time PhD students is very limited.

Applications for awards

Application Packs for 2023 awards will be available in January 2023. Packs may be requested between January 2023 and early April 2023.

When requesting a pack please provide a brief outline of your proposed study and a postal address. Note: awards are only made to UK based students studying at UK institutions of Higher Education for a post-graduate qualification. The Foundation does not make awards to international students.

How to apply

Only one round of awards is made each academic year.

From January 1st annually

You can obtain an Application Pack and an Application Form to apply for an Award by e-mailing the, giving brief details about yourself and your plans. Please include your postal address. Please note that Application Packs are NOT sent out after April 10th.

1st May: is the closing date for the Director to receive your completed application.

30th June: is the date on which the successful applicants are notified of their Award.

1st September: – the traditional date for the beginning of the academic year in the UK – is the date from which a new Award is normally tenable.

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UK based Clergy, teachers and students who are studying at a UK HE institution

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