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If you would like to become a leader who will drive innovation and commerce forward while positively impacting the well-being and sustainability of our planet and its people, then this is the course intended for you. You will acquire a holistic understanding of sustainability and the environment, and contribute a systems-based and problem-solving approach to your work in private companies, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainability

As a registered student enrolled in this programme, you will spend one semester at the James Madison University campus in Virginia, USA, and one semester at the University of Malta campus, with a third semester spent working on an independent project at a location of your choice. By the end of the course, you will be awarded a degree by both institutions.

You will gain technical knowledge to address complex, natural and/or anthropogenic problems that impact the environmental condition with a multi-disciplinary, systems approach. By developing a broad international perspective that is culturally balanced, you will be able to:

• Analyse and solve real-world human problems;
• Integrate social, political, legal and cultural aspects into technology solutions with systems approach;
• Develop a technical skill set that addresses concepts of data measurement and mining, application of Geographical Information Systems, and modelling and simulation of complex systems;
• Embrace lifelong learning and creative critical thinking.

As a graduate of this Master course, you will be able to seek employability in a variety of local and international settings. Graduates of the programme have gone on to pursue careers as environment protection officers, project managers, systems engineers, geologists, operations officer, managers, sustainability consultants, and development coordinators, among various other examples.

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