Bennett Kleinberg, MSc in Crime Science


Department of Security and Crime Science

University College London

I am originally from Germany. My first degree was in Psychology. I applied to the MSc in Crime Science at UCL because I was intrigued by the department’s philosophy of [offering] a framework that identifies specific crime-related problems and combines disciplines to address the problem. The applied value is key to this paradigm, which is why I am convinced that this is the future of crime research.

There are several things that were great about my MSc:

First, the degree saw plenty of interesting guest speakers and lecturers, most of whom you would not encounter at other universities. Most lecturers are cutting-edge researchers themselves and are eager to talk to you about it.

Second, the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere in the department is inviting. Add to this the really international cohort of students and my time at UCL was truly inspiring.

Third, I was able to conduct my own research where I synthesised and tested geospatial crime theories for a whole country.

I continued my interest in crime science research with a doctoral research project in Amsterdam on a novel approach to airport security. Following this I joined the UCL Dawes Centre for Future Crime as a lecturer and researcher. My latest research has been on cryptocurrency fraud.

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