Changing how the world works - From Fashionista to Future of Social Work


Remember the days when a career meant settling down, picking a lane, and staying in it forever? Well, move over, nine-to-fivers, because this multi-talented, fashion-forward Nigerian; Abimbola Oliyide is here to rewrite the rules!


My life has been a rainbow of careers, from microbiology to banking to music, from fashion entrepreneur to digital content creation to project management. But now, I’m embarking on my most exciting adventure yet: revolutionizing social care with a dash of dynamism and a sprinkle of digital innovation with my Social Work Post-graduate degree!

Forget the stereotype of the stodgy social worker. I’m not here to fit in any boxes. While I was busy building businesses in fashion and belting out tunes (almost!), I was also quietly changing the world through volunteer work, empowering women and youth back home in Nigeria.  

I’m not wired for the status quo. I’m a dynamic dynamo, constantly evolving and looking for new solutions. My multi-dimensional skillset is like a Swiss Army knife for social change. I can analyse situations as a seasoned credit analyst, manage relationships and projects with the precision of a maestro, and create engaging content that would make even the most jaded politician nod their head.

Now, as an immigrant in the UK, I see that the struggle is universal. Poverty, like a stubborn stain, seems to cling onto societies everywhere, whether due to corrupt leaders or austerity measures that leave people scrambling for scraps. It’s become a dog-eat-dog world, where the most vulnerable fall through the cracks, and that’s simply unacceptable in this age of innovation!

But here’s the twist: My diverse background is my polymathic secret weapon. My entrepreneurial spirit meets banking expertise, my digital fluency collides with project management skills, and my compassion binds it all together. I analyse situations from unique angles, unearthing solutions most wouldn’t even consider. It’s like having X-ray vision for social issues!

Imagine micro-loans for single mothers, impact-driven projects funded by socially responsible corporations, and funding allocation based on actual needs, not bureaucratic red tape. This synergy of finance and social good will be the future, and I’m the conductor leading the orchestra.

I see myself as a bridge between the worlds I’ve inhabited, a catalyst for change. Imagine a future where social care isn’t just about handouts, but about strategic resource allocation & project commissioning. I envision channelling funds from corporate giants with a conscience to grassroots causes that truly need them. Working within statutory organisations to commission projects that are truly transformational in the lives of vulnerable people.

My banking knowledge will ensure efficient allocation, and my project management expertise will guarantee impactful execution.

This synergy of the unconventional will be the game-changer the world needs. So, the next time you hear “social worker”, don’t picture the same old, same old. Think of me, the future of social care, the one who ditched the rule book and is ready to rewrite the narrative, one innovative solution at a time. Because let’s face it, the world needs a bit more Beyoncé and a whole lot less bureaucracy in its approach to helping those in need.

Cheers to changing how the world works!

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