Meet our Masters students: Martina Birotti – MSc Marketing with Digital Strategy 


Martina studied MSc Marketing with Digital Strategy at Edinburgh Napier University and now works as an Alumni Relations and Communications Coordinator for ENU.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Martina, and I studied MSc Marketing at Edinburgh Napier University. I now work as the alumni communications and relations coordinator here at ENU as part of the alumni team.

What attracted you to study at Edinburgh Napier? 

Edinburgh Napier stood out to me as a friendly place that was really approachable. It was the main thing I was looking at, especially coming from a different country. Being an international student, it’s really hard to find a home away from home. I feel like that’s what Edinburgh Napier is to me.

Why did you decide to study your Masters?

I did my undergrad in languages, and at the end of my programme I realised I had this strong passion for marketing, but I’d never studied the subject before. I felt that getting a Masters would help me develop those skills and develop that confidence that would help me get a job in the industry.

What did you do on your course?

They included different aspects of marketing because it’s such a broad industry. I did some theoretical modules about marketing, but I was also doing modules for social media and stuff that was more interactive and more on the creative side. I felt like that was the best combination for me because I’m the type of person who would like to do something creative, but not entirely creative, so I liked that that balance between the strategic side and the creative side of marketing.

What was the biggest highlight of studying your Masters?

I would say my highlights of studying my Masters were definitely the staff. Everyone was really helpful and really friendly, especially my supervisor. I also liked how the modules were constructed because they were really practical and helped me develop some strong skills that I’m now using in my current job. I also really liked the connections that I made. From day one, we were making connections with people in the industry, and it felt really good to have that.

How did you manage the financial side of taking on a postgraduate degree?

As a former graduate of Edinburgh Napier, I could use the alumni discount, so I had 20% off my tuition fee in the first year, which was really helpful. Most importantly, I also had a part time job managing a company’s social media accounts, which complemented what I was doing in class.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of studying a postgraduate degree?

Don’t be scared to ask for help. Everyone is really friendly, really approachable and they are here to help you.

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